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Something quick to practice a couple of things.

Nude edit NSFW

My tumblr NSFW Warning!
suggestive (116743)artist:horsecat (495)fluttershy (187741)butterfly (5687)equestria girls (164284)equestria girls series (25161)breasts (212228)clothes (367573)cute (154946)dress (36015)feet (30372)female (789546)legs (5560)panties (42578)sandals (3435)shoes (25256)skirt (32375)skirt lift (4307)solo (897252)solo female (157698)stairs (1310)thighs (5335)underwear (50961)upskirt (4971)

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Such a lovely picture.
I would have expected her to wear something more cute than plain white, but still cute.

But here’s a real "issue" with the image:
The back side of the dress should be longer, so you can see her either sit on it, or wrinkles on the back. With the current length, it means that it won’t reach below her butt, and will show some panties when she stands up. Having the longer back means the panties will be covered, but that can be fixed by not having so long front. But that dress is quite long, so not the best one for a pantyshot like this.
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