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safe1726105 artist:ethaes57 twilight sparkle302987 alicorn228290 pony986387 the maud couple752 book33912 crown17470 cute202753 dialogue66480 glowing horn20038 i never learned to read25 illiteracy52 jewelry65612 levitation12297 magic74239 no pupils4093 opposite day20 regalia20558 self-levitation631 simple background400729 telekinesis28190 that pony sure does love books1158 that was fast1374 tiara4134 twiabetes12112 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124847 underhoof52819 white background100157


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I never learned to read, and I never learned to cook.
Why should I bother when I look like I look?
I know lots of people are smarter than me.
But I have this phi-lo-so-phy.

"So what?"