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I cut my hair recently so I wanted to kind of try to draw it. Also testing my pen tablet on my father's notebook cause it doesnt seem to work on mine anymore

It looks crappy but whatever

I wanna get something finished, commissions, art trades, anything.
safe1709056 artist:azure-art-wave554 oc686227 oc only449647 oc:azure113 pegasus292776 pony970124 beauty mark1132 blaze (coat marking)1352 bust50130 coat markings4594 colored sketch2862 colored wings6171 colored wingtips1668 cute200197 ear fluff29654 facial markings1784 female1365517 grin38649 looking at you169082 mare481893 ocbetes5275 raised hoof45796 simple background394336 smiling249219 socks (coat markings)2675 solo1065972 spread wings54830 squee1961 transparent background202742 two toned wings3089 wings107844


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