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explicit417664 artist:burstfire282 artist:manic-the-lad191 sunset shimmer72699 trixie74734 wallflower blush2631 equestria girls234107 equestria girls series38683 forgotten friendship6225 bra19314 breast fondling2472 breast grab8942 breast squeeze1655 breasts343756 clothes559951 collaboration6302 dialogue80346 exploitation32 female1605009 funny porn1390 grope16877 lesbian108573 lip bite13712 looking at each other27643 masturbation21864 nipples211939 nudity452873 oblivious608 one eye closed39944 panties57680 pants19025 pants down1242 sexual exploitation34 shipping229950 smiling331748 speech bubble32154 suntrix653 sweat33702 text76203 thighs22436 underwear70920 vaginal secretions46851 voyeurism2478 wallset65 walltrix10


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Background Pony #6E2C
I am not sure if Wallflower wants to join them or just enjoys watching them too much.
Background Pony #34C5
I bet Wallflower’s so caught up in the moment, she doesn’t even realize what she’s doing. When she gets home and it sinks in that she just jilled off to two girls, she’s going to have a real crisis in sexuality.
Background Pony #D428
the only way this image could be any better would be if Sunset’s fingers were already inside Trixie’s panties

And may I ask… where did I say it was the ‘bush’ the feat that was added to this image?
Do I have to spell it? Alright…
This image adds a feature (implied at most) about Wallflower being a sort of vouyerist. That new feature alongside the ones I mentioned FROM OTHER WORKS amazes me because this particular character is being subject to a weird extrapolation of her canon feats (reclusive, shy, with the ability to erase memories).