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Scanned version of a previous upload.

So, a Hippocampus in Equestria girls form cosplaying as a Dragon in Human form dressed as a maid….

Not confusing at all….
safe1691279 artist:40kponyguy761 derpibooru exclusive28072 sonata dusk13424 equestria girls198315 alternate hairstyle27781 clothes454126 cosplay27584 costume27196 crossover61695 female1349238 horns5818 looking at you165888 maid5761 miss kobayashi's dragon maid90 pigtails4693 requested art1338 simple background388332 solo1053903 tohru33 traditional art116909 twintails1682 white background96369


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@Dirty Bit
It's pretty close to the series but there's a few scenes a bit different.

Like where Tohru tries that training regime to learn ESP. The scene under the waterfall in the comic, Tohru and Kanna are naked.

Then you get Ilulu.

Gives Kobayashi a…. extra piece of… equipment.
Which she then tries her best not to use, although that gets far more difficult when Tohru notices.