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Twilight now on her one way trip to fluttershy's stomach part 4 out tommorow :D


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@Eissen Dargwell
@Ari Ardwolf
okay, I'm getting tired of this. next one to post is getting some time off. that includes you, eissen. and if I see either of you two safe vore crusaders going on another fatal vore image and harping about how fatal vore is bad then you'll also get a time out.

image comments are not the place to be discussing the morality of a fetish or psychological implications about people based on their preferences of said fetish.
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@Eissen Dargwell
I took English and actually paid attention.

I think fetishes are not only a place where one goes to escape from reality, but let out there deepest and sometimes darkest desires. I prefer safe, protective vore. That says about me as a person that I want to feel comfort and protection in an ever changing world. One who likes digestion may have problems with others and gets upset easily, so they take out that anger on fictional characters in a gruesome way.
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@Eissen Dargwell
you got to ground in reality in some way. it was created by real people, and afects them in some level. to say that fictional midea has no afect on people whatsoever, just because its not real, is an understatement. You are what you like and what you like reflects who you are as a person. You can be whoever and whatever you want, that is fair, but that, you´re also, not free from judgement and criticism, as nobody is.
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Where in my comments did I say that I was against digestion? I don't like it much, but I'm trying to be more open now, more accepting. And I accept that people will make it, and I can do nothing but voice an opinion, one witch I am entitled to. If this ends in digestion, fine, that's what the artists wants. If not, fine again. All I did was make a passing joke by copying the other comment and replacing the spoilered word.