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safe (1222154)artist:uotapo (712)maud pie (9781)silverstream (1914)school daze (2078)spoiler:s08e01 (1839)spoiler:s08e02 (1686)classical hippogriff (2186)clothes (285613)comic (74537)devil's tower (2)earth pony (97722)female (544079)hippogriff (3923)japanese (6439)mare (235283)pony (487736)rock formation (5)that hippogriff sure does love stairs (106)translated in the comments (1991)


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Devoted Shimmerfag
信じられない! (shinjirarenai!)
自然の階段よ! (shizen no kaidan yo!)
この写真、90度傾いてるわ。 (kono shashin, 90-do katamuiteru wa.)
それはBear’s Lodgeね。 (sore wa Bear’s Lodge ne.)
柱状節理といって…… (chuujou setsuri to itte……)
こっちもすごい! (kocchi mo sugoi!)

SS: I can’t believe it! Nature’s stairs!
M: This picture’s tilted 90 degrees.
This is Bear’s Lodge. They’re called columnar joints…
SS: That’s cool, too!

Same thing, apparently.
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Background Pony #D9D9
I’ve climbed the boulder field at Devil’s Tower, pretty legit, the tower is crazy though, people climb up there and have picnics I hear.
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