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safe (1429716)artist:jake heritagu (884)artist:little-tweenframes (119)oc (525381)oc:honeycrisp blossom (204)oc:lightning blitz (299)oc only (364329)oc:sparkling sapphire (92)comic:ask motherly scootaloo (486)comic:baby's day out (9)series:sciset diary (202)equestria girls (159765)baby (7635)clothes (355868)collaboration (4054)cute (148639)diaper (10826)female (760467)lake (1229)levitation (8688)magic (57547)magical lesbian spawn (8439)male (258139)motherly scootaloo (447)ocbetes (3309)offspring (28770)parent:big macintosh (2127)parent:princess cadance (1157)parent:rain catcher (281)parents:cadmac (227)parents:catcherloo (281)parent:sci-twi (192)parent:scootaloo (667)parents:scitwishimmer (167)parent:sunset shimmer (1171)sandcastle (121)self-levitation (464)shovel (738)slide (117)swan boat (32)telekinesis (20722)tree (22621)


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8 comments posted
Background Pony #417B
Yeah and not to mention about error – blitz got in every page’s of this diferent t-shirt
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Background Pony #0FB7
pfft. They’re having a blast while the parents are worried. Meanwhile, Starlight is having a smoke somewhere.
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