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safe1901070 artist:freeedon315 gallus7782 ocellus5935 sandbar6087 silverstream6837 smolder9369 yona5677 changedling9790 changeling55601 classical hippogriff5561 dragon66978 griffon31145 hippogriff11406 pony1248636 yak5372 school daze2924 season 81887 alternate hairstyle32108 commission89706 cute225737 diaocelles1099 diastreamies1238 eyes closed113332 featured image1011 female1537983 floppy ears61255 gallabetes890 glowing9749 grin49121 group4797 group photo855 hug32244 lidded eyes36375 looking at you203878 male435677 pale belly1628 sandabetes746 simple background473187 smiling309783 smirk14979 smolderbetes1314 spread wings69165 squee2034 student six1809 sweet dreams fuel1818 white background121184 wings158834 yonadorable839


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Someone pointed out Yona looking different before, but I’m just noticing now that all of them have pony-like hair. There’s Gallus, who doesn’t have a mane altogether, with a leafy green mane. Ocellus’ head membrane thing is now a mane too, along with Smolder’s, though I’m not entirely sure if those are scales or hair in the show. Also Sandbar’s wearing a uniform. I wonder what the inspiration here was.