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Made for Dragonpone.
safe (1426694)artist:zutheskunk (186)bon bon (14631)lyra heartstrings (26075)sweetie drops (14621)monster pony (2175)original species (18281)pony (694528)tatzlpony (1035)unicorn (202433)absurd res (61274)adorabon (264)belly button (59626)commission (40504)cute (148090)eyes closed (67816)female (758181)japanese (7018)kissing (20021)lesbian (81667)lyrabetes (721)lyrabon (2792)mare (334167)romaji (9)shipping (164106)simple background (290189)smiling (182771)species swap (15744)tail wag (733)tatzlbetes (37)tatzlbon (6)vector (66473)white background (72008)


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Phantom Rider
You are already booped.
Aww! <3 No, Lyra wouldn’t mind at all if Bon turned out to not be a normal pony, though, going on episode 100, she would mind not having been trusted with the knowledge.

(That tail wag really pushes it into ’beetus range, too.)
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