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suggestive129469 artist:lord--opal26 applejack160164 sunset shimmer58287 human144163 equestria girls182205 appleshimmer200 ass42820 assisted exposure1702 breasts243387 bunset shimmer1374 clothes414489 cowboy hat13443 denim skirt1319 female933560 freckles25640 hat77551 imminent sex5258 lesbian92593 one eye closed25756 open mouth125022 panties46435 shipping185697 skirt35894 skirt lift4515 stetson4876 the ass was fat12684 thong5591 underwear55754 upskirt5374 white underwear3200 wink21924


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As those wonder during some hot lesbian action between applejack and sunset shimmer when applejack was to lift sunset shimmer's skirt as it could be more of a show when applejack removes sunset shimmer's thong.
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