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suggestive (113047)artist:lord--opal (13)applejack (147822)sunset shimmer (50656)human (130770)equestria girls (159666)appleshimmer (194)ass (35900)assisted exposure (1535)breasts (203503)bunset shimmer (1012)clothes (355663)cowboy hat (10492)denim skirt (1192)female (759890)freckles (20523)hat (64731)imminent sex (4165)lesbian (81867)one eye closed (20363)open mouth (104181)panties (41546)shipping (164455)skirt (31527)skirt lift (4174)stetson (4431)the ass was fat (11039)thong (4777)underwear (49639)upskirt (4855)white underwear (2847)wink (18658)


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3 comments posted
As those wonder during some hot lesbian action between applejack and sunset shimmer when applejack was to lift sunset shimmer’s skirt as it could be more of a show when applejack removes sunset shimmer’s thong.
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