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safe (1425486)artist:kuroneko (269)derpibooru exclusive (20243)king sombra (11668)silverstream (4141)classical hippogriff (3761)hippogriff (6627)pony (688135)unicorn (202100)school daze (2443)crossing the memes (529)dialogue (50483)female (756990)implied queen novo (8)i'm so alone (80)it keeps happening (91)i warned you about stairs bro (2)male (256704)meme (73331)ms paint (5671)sombra eyes (2598)sombrastream (2)stairs (1245)stallion (72639)straight (109143)stylistic suck (1025)sweet bro and hella jeff (97)that hippogriff sure does love stairs (166)that pony sure does love stairs (26)this will end in tears and/or death (1898)

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