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safe1617553 artist:kuroneko269 derpibooru exclusive25837 king sombra13160 silverstream5664 classical hippogriff4652 hippogriff8819 pony885232 unicorn286001 school daze2655 crossing the memes595 dialogue61081 female1287624 i warned you about stairs bro2 i'm so alone91 implied queen novo9 it keeps happening92 king sombra does love stairs6 male344482 meme79658 ms paint6004 shipping188613 sombra eyes3255 sombrastream4 stairs1568 stallion98049 straight128027 stylistic suck1112 sweet bro and hella jeff98 that hippogriff sure does love stairs210 that pony sure does love stairs31 this will end in tears and/or death2191


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