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This day Starlight learned that some spells shouldn’t be shown to Trixie.  
But it’s ok Starlight. We don’t mind.
suggestive173313 artist:andelai563 starlight glimmer55396 trixie74781 twilight sparkle333316 alicorn275057 unicorn447919 semi-anthro19217 arm hooves7233 bipedal43871 butt180097 butt expansion1576 clothes560545 facehoof1923 fat26130 female1606237 grimace302 growth7220 growth spell106 large butt25947 magic86659 pants19052 plot116630 simple background503260 tight clothing3246 transparent background248577 twilight has a big ass696 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138738 wardrobe malfunction5886 weight gain5201 wings175781


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James A Williams
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Trixie: My, oh my Twilight. You certainly have been getting bigger around the back side. I wonder why that is. Maybe you should lay off the-
Starlight: Look, Twilight. I can explain.
(One explanation later)
Twilight: (Angry snarl) Oh Trixie! Come here for a minute, won’t you? I think your belly could do with some improving. Or maybe your head.
Trixie: EEP! (runs away)