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Artist Comment:

My cover for issue 67 of MLP:FIM from IDW Publishing! The story called for Rarity to see the return of old fashions (We never specifically call them 80's fashions so as not to make Rarity… well, as old as me, but anyway).

While I chose some specific outfits for the cover, not every pony is exactly any one particular entity. For me, these fashions were fairly easy… I was in high school when they were all popular! For Rarity I used Prince's "Purple Rain" outfit, Rainbow reflects the Aerobics craze with ONJ's "Physical" outfit, Applejack is cobbled together from various elements of the "Urban Cowboy" craze, Spike rocks MJ's "Thriller" outfit (although it honestly makes me think more of Beverly Hills Cop). For Pinkie there's no better choice than Cyndi Lauper's "She's So Unusual" album cover outfit/pose. Fluttershy embodies every fashion and hair style worn by the girls in my school… especially those twisted bead necklaces. For Twilight, I wanted to show some of the recent 80's nostalgia craze (That's what the fashion in the issue is all about, anyway!) and put her in Barb's clothing from Stranger Things, complete with Trapper Keeper.

And anything 80's has to have big big feathered and layered hair, crispy with hairspray. And blue eye shadow everywhere.

Done with copic markers and india ink and paint on Strathmore bristol board at 11x17, with a digital background in photoshop.
safe1680910 artist:andypriceart3045 angel bunny9753 applejack167857 fluttershy210039 pinkie pie213792 rainbow dash231193 rarity179555 spike77999 twilight sparkle297274 alicorn219563 dragon54710 earth pony239272 pegasus282035 pony942968 unicorn312706 spoiler:comic6790 80's fashion92 80s1066 abstract background14156 air guitar37 alternate hairstyle27517 applejack's hat6869 bangles120 belt5298 belt buckle260 big hair400 binder40 book32931 boots21257 bracelet9103 clothes450350 cowboy boots1409 cowboy hat15252 cyndi lauper14 denim jacket31 dress43620 ear piercing25345 earring20484 eyes closed90496 eyeshadow15110 female1340091 fishnets5205 flower25051 glasses60441 hair spray21 hairspray37 hat84719 headband3381 high res25495 jeans3990 jewelry61206 leg warmers2368 leotard4483 looking at you163897 makeup20745 male364124 mane six31550 mare468414 mohawk748 necklace18145 pants14102 piercing39896 robe3599 ruffled shirt9 safety pin189 sequins37 shampoo298 shoulder pads94 sunflower476 sweatband537 sweater14247 sweatpants330 trapper keeper6 turtleneck1429 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122409 weights360 wristband3512


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