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safe1589469 artist:shoutingisfun595 mayor mare3080 earth pony204187 pony856573 blue background4163 coffee mug1149 desk2918 ear fluff23864 female933638 glasses55531 lamp2331 mare421302 monochrome148283 mug3752 paper3011 phone5214 simple background349945 sitting55849 solo982452


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Damn, something about the color choice and the layout of the picture of the whole makes Mayor Mare seem so…fragile.
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"Great, those damn derogatory term to describe members of the opposing political party are pushing for moronic policy supported by the opposition party, again. We're gonna be dominated by this crap for weeks…"
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@President of the Ohio
Why do you think a kingdom has mayors? So Princesses don't have to micromanage every part of their domain. By having democracy at the local level, they don't even need to put in the effort of appointing somepony like the governors of old,