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safe1973024 artist:lada0353 rainbow dash259506 pegasus407386 pony1325098 abstract background20728 corrupted3184 crying50490 element of loyalty1368 female1604827 looking at you217416 mare619185 multicolored hair8952 sad28502 simple background502437 solo1269450 sombra eyes3964 spread wings75573 wings175431


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Background Pony #0450
Rainbow Dash: Heh! Im pretty sure this will solve the problem! comes to the room clop,clop,clop Uh. Spitfire? What are you doing?  
Spitfire: It happend,Crash. I’ve read your diplome. It sounds like you can’t flying in Fliers School.  
Spitfire: I don’t know what are you talking about,Crash. You. Are. Out of the Wonderbolts.  
Rainbow Dash: teared up W-what? Y-you can’t do this! I-i tried so hard to be here! P-please. Understand.  
Spitfire: Better let her out here. Im tired of her nonsense talking.  
Rainbow Dash: crying NO! PLEASE! UNDERSTAND I TRIED TO BE HERE SO HARD! back to reality sombra eyes keep crying P-please. I-i wanted just to come my dreams true. whimper sob Please. Understand this.  
Twilight Sparkle: Dash! Sweet Celestia! Im so happy I found you!… Are you… crying?  
Rainbow Dash: I-im sorry. I am the biggest failure in whole team. I always letting you down. Always.  
Twilight Sparkle: whisper She having sombra eyes. normal voice Dash. That’s not true. You always helping us in missions.  
Rainbow Dash: But Spitfire?…  
Twilight Sparkle: Don’t listen to her. Anywho. She’s not like that. That’s just…  
Rainbow Dash: sombra eyes dissapear …Sombra tricks! I can’t believe I was so dumb to not knowing this before!  
Twilight Sparkle: And now we going to fight with Sombra!  
Rainbow Dash: Awww yeah! running outta castle