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More from the mind of TJPones
safe1583234 artist:tjpones3232 fluttershy199379 pinkie pie204086 queen chrysalis32601 rarity170742 spike74341 spike the regular dog2343 oc606954 oc:brownie bun943 oc:tjpones119 changeling41092 changeling queen12736 dog8518 dragon48734 earth pony204787 horse2967 human144115 pegasus246145 pony853933 equestria girls182428 bust41877 dialogue59469 doot39 fake horn599 female1163160 food61986 grayscale35172 hat76990 heresy299 hugs 4 bugs14 humanized95099 judy hopps226 lineart18904 male308656 mare425484 meat1689 midna137 monochrome142796 mouth hold15505 necktie6276 party hat2100 plushie22104 simple background347816 sketch57657 sketch dump2757 stallion93920 steak80 text51834 the legend of zelda3470 the legend of zelda: twilight princess177 thumbs up890 traditional art109125 winnie the werewolf8 zootopia305


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Background Pony #2A06
More from the mind of TJPones
And knowing that explains so much, really.

For what it's worth, I totally believe Pinkie Pie would pee in the shower. I somehow also believe that isn't just limited to the times when she's taking one. Or to her own shower.

And I never tire of Rarity being slightly uncomfortable to dog Spike's infatuation with her.