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I was gonna remake an old drawing and begin digitising the winner of that poll I did… But I got distracted and drew a meme instead.

Can I also just say that nobody has gotten the meme right so far the whole point is that it's meant to be factors in the characters control that leads to the third panel.


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Flufux Corporations
…Except he had three legit reasons for not giving her horn back.

1, Tempest with magic is dangerous than Tempest without, and he just heard her saying something about 'showing everyone what she could do'.

2, His last second-in-command betrayed him as soon as he got the chance. Combine that with the above point and you can see why he wouldn't trust her to not stab him in the back if he gave her that horn back.

3, He likely had no idea how to restore her horn in the first place. He obviously just made that up to manipulate her into working for him.

The only mistake he really made was in the how and when it came to getting rid of Tempest once she had done her part. But, if he did, the movie wouldn't have ended so happily, and remember, this is a family feature.