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One of these days i’m gonna make a new drawing instead of just coloring and old one I promise

Got the idea from this picture

safe (1377760)artist:poseidonathenea (113)dj pon-3 (26230)octavia melody (20542)vinyl scratch (30328)equestria girls (151570)chips (561)eating (7157)food (47799)garden hose (17)human ponidox (2872)makeup (12929)octavia is not amused (258)phone (3919)pony (650142)pony pet (537)potato chips (118)running makeup (1612)self ponidox (5927)shoes (22136)sneakers (3877)unamused (10403)watering (61)

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Background Pony #A49D
"I was going to be first chair cellist for the Royal Equestrian Orchestra…HOW IS THIS MY LIFE?!" – Octavia
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Wallet After Summer Sale

I imagine this is a situation where pony Vinyl did something which she managed to get out of unscathed, but Octavia ended up being caught up in the worst of it despite being innocent.
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