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safe (1410731)artist:tjpones (2612)carrot top (4865)fluttershy (181841)golden harvest (4864)rainbow dash (201632)rarity (155714)sci-twi (18434)spike (67218)twilight sparkle (257060)wallflower blush (1203)zecora (7878)oc (516926)equestria girls (157029)alicorn (159428)anthro (197549)anthro with ponies (1727)backpack (1514)black and white (9542)bone (1877)bust (30476)chest fluff (25130)clothes (349734)dialogue (49331)dragon (36183)duck (1030)duck pony (364)earth pony (142889)female (744404)glasses (46162)grayscale (30963)hat (63134)lineart (14045)mare (326147)monochrome (133445)nerd (688)open mouth (102112)pegasus (182656)pony (676032)raised hoof (31386)rocket (649)simple background (285824)sitting (45269)skeleton (1354)skeleton pony (235)sketch (52640)sketch dump (2416)skull (2222)standing (8048)standing on one leg (294)sunglasses (11261)teary eyes (2224)tongue out (74461)traditional art (95168)trenchcoat (458)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (100066)unguligrade anthro (36710)unicorn (196606)zebra (13235)


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Background Pony #6982
I’d call Rarity Deepthroat.

…Because I’m a fan of All the President’s Men, of course. Yep. That’s the only reason.
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