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Fluttershy asks Atamanna for a wish, and gets what she asked for… sorta. Pending story to go along with this comic and set up "Wish World" in a little more detail.

Feel free to leave a wish for a character as well. For rules, check the description in this link:
safe1637127 artist:scylla the kelpie30 fluttershy205414 oc641505 oc:atamanna6 fox1289 goat1025 saddle arabian635 anthro245152 bad end2053 clothes434677 collar30923 comic104551 female1303073 feral296 flutterfox10 flutterpet229 lock331 magic69624 socks61805 sweater13863 sweatershy3111 thigh highs32255 transformation10113 tumblr34711 tumblr comic1049 wish99 wish world6


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