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safe1879469 artist:ryuu171 applejack182213 rainbow dash251217 rarity196304 equestria girls223977 anime6280 appledash6937 applejack gets all the mares86 arms on shoulders11 blushing224268 boots26318 breast grab8321 breasts319157 clothes525541 compression shorts1393 cowboy hat20126 cute222878 dashabetes10452 denim skirt1975 eyes closed110915 female1517214 grope15586 hat100832 hug31824 jackabetes6793 japanese9217 lesbian104479 open mouth179158 polyamory7270 rainbow socks1767 raribetes6082 rarijack7527 rarijackdash223 shipping220112 shoes45354 side hug556 simple background463561 skirt45293 skirt lift5004 socks76132 stetson5279 striped socks23860 trio13692 white background117828 why not both42


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Background Pony #6FC5
Of courses applejack love rainbow dash,AppleDash was cannon! Rarity,you love fluttershy, wasn’t it?
Background Pony #7447
Rarity: “Applejack is mine!”
Rainbow Dash: “No MINE.”
Applejack (annoyed): “Girls stay quiet.”
Rainbow Dash: “OPPOSITES ATTRACT!!!”
Rarity: “MINE!!!”
Rainbow Dash: “MINE!!!”
Applejack: “Right, right. Now make up.”
Applejack: “I’ll just love ya both, but I’ll marry the white one.”
Rainbow Dash: “Yeah yeah… make up.”
Posted Report
Background Pony #9D86
“why not both” should be a tag.
It would make a lot of shippers happy.