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safe1996759 artist:ryuu171 applejack189345 rainbow dash261782 rarity204988 equestria girls237037 anime6900 appledash7312 applejack gets all the mares93 arms on shoulders11 blushing242785 boots29167 breast grab9096 breasts349902 clothes568914 compression shorts1457 cowboy hat22291 cute239870 dashabetes11088 denim skirt2042 eyes closed123036 female1626539 grope17179 hat110596 hug34028 jackabetes7319 japanese9587 lesbian109811 open mouth202403 polyamory7553 rainbow socks1895 raribetes6473 rarijack7807 rarijackdash232 shipping232761 shoes50947 side hug592 simple background512956 skirt49008 skirt lift5182 socks83401 stetson5520 striped socks25665 trio18629 white background134399 why not both48


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Background Pony #6FC5
Of courses applejack love rainbow dash,AppleDash was cannon! Rarity,you love fluttershy, wasn’t it?
Posted Report
Background Pony #7447
Rarity: “Applejack is mine!”
Rainbow Dash: “No MINE.”
Applejack (annoyed): “Girls stay quiet.”
Rainbow Dash: “OPPOSITES ATTRACT!!!”
Rarity: “MINE!!!”
Rainbow Dash: “MINE!!!”
Applejack: “Right, right. Now make up.”
Applejack: “I’ll just love ya both, but I’ll marry the white one.”
Rainbow Dash: “Yeah yeah… make up.”
Background Pony #9D86
“why not both” should be a tag.
It would make a lot of shippers happy.