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safe1750738 artist:lucy-tan129 pinkie pie220212 trixie68744 twilight sparkle306170 alicorn232926 earth pony265995 pony1010695 unicorn342362 booth215 burger1947 cape10735 clothes476126 coffee4003 commission73080 cookie3789 drink5053 eating9957 eyes closed98103 female1402086 food72986 happy32186 hat90374 laughing8298 mare502270 muffin6535 open mouth154439 restaurant703 salt171 salt shaker62 sitting65597 smiling261033 trixie's cape3931 trixie's hat4753 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126199 when you see it633


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he ate Good Eric
"And then Trixie said, 'Why does Trixie always talk in third-pony? You're the THIRD PONY to ask Trixie that today!'"