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safe (1427685)artist:6-fingers-lover (200)oc (524502)oc:black magic (56)oc:fireball (19)oc:ghost heart (7)oc:lucky hoof (12)oc only (363479)oc:smooth blue (43)oc:strong heart (9)oc:sugar cane (19)oc:sun war (2)earth pony (147853)pegasus (187643)pony (695206)unicorn (202780)female (758829)magical lesbian spawn (8426)mare (334531)offspring (28728)parent:applejack (2741)parent:bulk biceps (341)parent:doctor fauna (14)parent:fluttershy (3372)parent:maud pie (334)parent:pinkie pie (3098)parent:rainbow dash (4299)parent:rarity (3022)parents:faunashy (13)parents:raribulk (12)parents:starmaud (28)parents:sugarpie (29)parents:sunsetdash (34)parent:starlight glimmer (966)parents:tempestshimmer (10)parents:troublejack (144)parents:twidash (588)parent:sugar belle (249)parent:sunset shimmer (1168)parent:tempest shadow (1638)parent:troubleshoes clyde (281)parent:twilight sparkle (6183)prone (20450)


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