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This is what I loved of that episode, seeing Celestia so happy when I feel the fandom never gave her the love she deserved compared to her sister.
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I don’t know how to feel about this.  
I love Celestia.  
I don’t want her on some untouchable pedestal. I want to see her as a real (regular) pony.  
But this… I don’t know. I just don’t know. It’s just very un-subtle.
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Now that any discussion about show/movie continuity has been rendered moot by confirmation in the season premier,  
I must squee at cutest canon cutelestia moment.
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I think I understand the general point you’re getting at here, but I don’t think it’s necessarily a question of making things canon or not so much as things not getting mentioned without a stated explanation. For instance: I doubt Tempest is going to get more than namedropped, and certainly not appear in person. Same for Novo or Capper or Skystar – because the staff likely can’t afford to keep their voice actors on semi-permanent retainer, those characters are likely going to be just… kind of quietly ignored in the new season. The things is, while that would raise questions, it would not by itself make them not canon. A bit like Sombra, in that regard – we haven’t heard anything about him since his two-parter, but that doesn’t make him non-canon. No one doubts that Sombra is a part of the show’s canon series of events: he’s just one that hasn’t really appeared since his debut.
It’s like what mjangelvortex and thps48 have been saying – it’s not uncommon for a character or plot element to not appear after the installment that introduces them, and there can be plenty of reasons for that that don’t include decanonizing or retconning them from canon.

Look, my original point of the joke, was simple that there gunna have the new castle and not explain why. And that a lot of the movie characters like Tempest or princess Skystar aren’t going to appear without really giving a reason why.
I’m pretty much saying is there gunna pick and choose what to make canon and what’s not.
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None of them. But he has mentioned him in the Clone Wars and Rebels series. But yeah, you make a really good point there. Just because a character hasn’t been mentioned again in a sequel, doesn’t make them not canon.