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safe (1252300)artist:hc0 (40)scootaloo (42813)zecora (7173)bipedal (23699)bucket (1422)chicken meat (30)crossing the line twice (101)derp (4989)duo (28401)female (598233)filly (38547)food (39837)fried chicken (47)frightened (135)frown (16206)funny (2523)grin (23030)gritted teeth (7518)hoof hold (4358)imminent vore (1185)kfc (136)meat (976)pegasus (139570)pony (519416)pre-vore (1441)raised leg (4835)scared (6272)scootachicken (802)silly (4805)simple background (238031)smiling (146367)stereotype (174)sweat (16721)sweatdrop (1560)tongue out (61735)transparent background (127862)we are going to hell (507)worried (2045)zebra (11418)


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Background Pony #36F9
Ziggers don’t know how to do anything with-
OUT SCOOTALOO! Ziggers like watermelon and Scootaloo, ziggers!
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