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Aren’t you just a little monster
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Background Pony #A31D
I’m glad i bumped into you. I have some questions for you. Theres plenty on things that don’t fall into these black and white catogories of ’not related to the show’ like the fallout series, crossovers, death vs battles, in fact every silly and serious fim fiction you can think of. So my question is this; what makes those types of images ok, but not fun random stuff? After all, you may view it as spam or something, but that doesn’t mean all of us do. In fact the so called ’unrelated’ content may become a new fanfic in its own right

This is just my personal opinion, but I think by limiting content creators from posting their ideas and humor, you are only limiting yourselves and the sites creative potential!

In fact,I think someone should start a specific tag for a random post style. Not op, not duck. Just RANDOM! Something just for people who like getting crazy ideas across. Then, If other users don’t like it, they can just filter it.

You will never be able to get rid if uploaders who do random posts of superimposed ponies, and you shouldn’t. Its a type of style all on its own.

Besides which your site offers some pretty questiobable, violent and bizzare content, and yet the superimposed ponies on memes and seemingly unrelated content is what your worried about? Really? No offense but this seems a bit hypocritical.
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Site Moderator
@Background Pony #A31D
Your images were largely unrelated to mlp except for the characters you pasted into the image.
It wasn’t just one mod dealing with the reports on those images.

The information about including source url is written on the upload page itself right next to where you place the link/click the open file button.

The comment box itself you just used to type that post includes the message "Be sure to read the site rules before posting".

We don’t immediately ban people for making mistakes. We will usually send a PM explaining what someone can do.

There’s literally only 9 rules. One only applying to commissions, and the majority of them amounting to "Don’t be a jerk".

Yes, sometimes we can be rather short or rude when warning someone. Sorry about that, but it happens. I know I’m probably coming off a bit rough right now since it’s 3AM for me. So sorry if I am.

Lastly: The comments of an image are really not the place to be having this type of discussion. If you want to talk about it further we have the forums for that stuff.
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Background Pony #A31D
I,myself, am a deviant artist. But I don’t have a computer or a tablet, just a phone. It’s hard to use as phone to do good artwork, even with good apps. So I’m pretty limited in what I can do. The mod that keeps getting on my case just doesn’t seem to understand that memes and funny quick hodgepodge work is all I’m capable of. I can draw just fine and take a picture, but I love jokes and a good laugh. So I can’t help but post memes that I think are funny. I just get so excited I want to share, sometimes I get carried away.
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Background Pony #A31D
I’ve posted various real life stuff, mostly just things I found amusing. Photos of a real duck for example. Recently I posted an edited pic of Sunset Shimmer laying in a real frying pan.

Then again,it may have nothing to do with the rules. I think this particular mod just doesn’t like me or my content. He/she is a bit harsh.

Try to keep your content on the cartoony side, within the bounds of the show itself. Some mods don’t like real pictures with super imposed characters from the show apparently. >:(

Also, try to put in the source if where you got your image, especially if it’s from this site. Some artists have copyrighted their work, kinda… You can modify some of it but you have to give credit to the creator, by putting artist:usernamehere in the tags. You also have to provide the source or url of some deviant art content.

It’s amazing that mods never explain this stuff to us and just expect us to know. ’Just read the rules and don’t bother us’ is a basic excuse. That’s like acussing someone of a crime without explaing to them why or reading them rights. I suppose mods are sick and tired of rule breaking, but personally I think its a bit much to expect someone who joined a few months ago to know all the rules. Some of them are pretty rude about it too.
Background Pony #A31D
I really like your work, but you’d better be careful. Some of the mods on this site may give trouble for uploads like this.

I got the following message from a mod this just the other day:

’’Stop uploading images that have no relationship to the MLP franchise or fandom other than that you stuck a pony on it.’’

This site has so many rules… srsly! I didn’t even know there was so many.
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