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“Eight beautiful girls all to yourself in a secluded castle for one week. I’m sure you’ll find a way to pass the time.”
suggestive162163 artist:art-2u467 artist:shinta-girl1066 edit148221 editor:theabridgenator217 part of a set16364 adagio dazzle14208 aria blaze10670 rarity196304 sonata dusk14613 starlight glimmer53085 sunset shimmer69426 trixie72453 twilight sparkle322124 werewolf866 equestria girls223977 beanie4138 belly button89767 big breasts97550 bimbo5511 bimbo adagio92 bimbo aria62 bimbo dazzlings36 bimbo glimmer69 bimbo rarity370 bimbo shimmer227 bimbo sonata68 bimbo sparkle578 bimbo trixie150 boots26318 breasts319157 busty adagio dazzle1842 busty aria blaze1250 busty dazzlings150 busty rarity14692 busty sonata dusk1994 busty starlight glimmer2856 busty sunset shimmer6390 busty trixie4579 busty twilight sparkle13654 castle2318 casual171 cleavage38706 clothes525541 counterparts887 female1517214 gravity-defying breasts876 group4147 hat100832 high heel boots6720 hoodie16697 huge breasts45333 human coloration5839 impossibly thin waist194 midriff20791 miniskirt5234 photoshop3853 samebod7 shoes45354 skirt45293 socks76132 spherical breasts216 statue2649 striped socks23860 the dazzlings4804 thigh highs43944 thighs18924 torn clothes5561 twilight's counterparts903 vest4403


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Ghost of Zeon

I know the best harem I seen is high school dxd cause the male lead is is completely perverted ass whole who fights and trains so he can have his own harem of daemon bitches (his words) and his power is shredding women’s clothing. It’s so insane it’s funny.
Tom Sketchit

@Ghost of Zeon  
To be fair, I don’t watch harem anime at all. And yes I’m aware of reverse harems, I was trying to describe something that was not that but also not really what it feels like most people consider a harem.
This comment and some friends have shown me that maybe this idea is more common than I thought, which makes me happy.
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Threesomes everyday on rotation, so that six of them get 2 (non)consecutive days each, two get only one day, all this assuming I have exactly seven days.
Tom Sketchit

Probably the opposite of what most would do, but I’d like to spend a lot of time doing whatever they wanted of me.
Like, the opposite of a harem, where instead of a man with a bunch of women serving him or whatever, a group of girls with one man serving all of them. That sounds oddly appealing to me for some reason.