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safe2119624 artist:underpable907 princess luna114813 alicorn303075 pony1548565 g41933948 :t4376 and that's how nightmare moon was made3 angry35561 angry eyes154 blush sticker3732 blushing261906 blushing wings8 cheek fluff8900 chest fluff61896 cookie jar451 cookie thief56 cute257458 cutie mark51469 emoji1380 female1745243 filly93897 fluffy18546 food97393 frown34203 glare8949 glowing eyes14887 horn173204 horn blush32 implied princess celestia1105 jar1473 leg fluff4575 lunabetes4272 madorable1052 mare707152 nightmare luna420 nose wrinkle3780 note680 ok hand emoji102 puffy cheeks5018 pure unfiltered evil1960 s1 luna8361 scrunchy face8138 solo1383078 spread wings88612 start of darkness33 thick eyebrows823 this will end in pain2577 this will end in tears4227 this will end in tears and/or a journey to the moon293 wings208734 woona5624 younger22246


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