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safe (1411645)artist:underpable (769)princess luna (87224)πŸ‘Œ (80)alicorn (159586)and that's how nightmare moon was made (2)angry (19611)angry eyes (56)blushing (151485)blushing wings (5)blush sticker (1688)cheek fluff (3040)chest fluff (25158)cookie jar (279)cookie thief (19)cute (144902)cutie mark (32922)emoji (570)female (745174)filly (49381)fluffy (11355)food (49863)frown (19299)glare (7481)glowing eyes (8362)implied princess celestia (446)jar (716)leg fluff (1650)lunabetes (2467)mare (326647)nightmare luna (298)nose wrinkle (2600)note (492)pony (676626)puffy cheeks (3103)pure unfiltered evil (1394)s1 luna (6373)scrunchy face (6259)solo (865999)spread wings (40261)start of darkness (27):t (3262)thick eyebrows (258)this will end in pain (1423)this will end in tears (2604)this will end in tears and/or a journey to the moon (217)wings (51174)woona (4740)younger (13679)


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