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Flame To Fire

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safe1587615 artist:underpable834 princess luna94262 alicorn199813 pony857759 :t3590 and that's how nightmare moon was made2 angry24419 angry eyes67 blush sticker2198 blushing178085 blushing wings7 cheek fluff4599 chest fluff33061 cookie jar322 cookie thief26 cute181440 cutie mark42313 emoji839 female1228065 filly59950 fluffy12929 food62279 frown21550 glare7980 glowing eyes9995 implied princess celestia580 jar936 leg fluff2574 lunabetes3226 mare427500 nightmare luna342 nose wrinkle2839 note556 puffy cheeks3565 pure unfiltered evil1634 s1 luna6957 scrunchy face6773 solo983344 spread wings48481 start of darkness28 thick eyebrows300 this will end in pain1756 this will end in tears3112 this will end in tears and/or a journey to the moon244 wings81629 woona4932 younger15570 πŸ‘Œ89


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