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should this have a non grimdark edit?
explicit (278304)grimdark (30668)grotesque (10639)artist:anonymous (984)doctor whooves (9423)roseluck (4279)time turner (9410)biting (2719)bleeding (484)blood (19407)cervical contact (628)cervix (1214)creampie (22920)cum (63947)cumming (15815)doggy style (6171)earth pony (142771)female (743936)femsub (6238)fetish (28964)flared (2381)from behind (10250)gore (3747)gritted teeth (8989)hatchet (22)horsecock (50470)imminent death (1630)internal cumshot (2576)male (252096)maledom (3623)mare (325872)nudity (290373)open mouth (102030)orgasm (6671)penetration (40405)penis (119824)pony (675704)sex (92277)shivering (1748)simple background (285704)snuff (546)stallion (70909)straight (107780)tail (14320)tail bite (499)tail pull (1770)tongue out (74418)vaginal (28946)white background (70681)wide eyes (14049)x-ray (5503)

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7 comments posted
Background Pony #EC61
I wasn’t aware there was a non-grimdark edit which indicated that since we can’t search the artist, that’s why I added the tags.

Kind of the problem with these sorts of things.
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Arcan's avatar
Well that’s another piece from this artist! I can’t decipher what the signature say so i can’t add the artist tag! Also – "AXE MURDER new body spray for stallions! It will make any mare drop dead!"
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Background Pony #D48C
Damn that good! How is she even still standing? xD Also i think non grimdark edit for those less found of it would be beneficial to the artist.

Damn I really wish someone would draw Dash or Celestia necro fuck; like them getting decapitated and as the flank hit the ground she is then dragged off to be fucked… Mmm…
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Background Pony #EC61
This is pretty well done, do you have a source or artist?

Also, this reminds me that I need to add snuff to my filter. I definitley think most people would appreciate a non grim-dark version of this.
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