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should this have a non grimdark edit?
explicit318865 grimdark29231 grotesque11083 artist:anonymous1398 doctor whooves10149 roseluck4714 time turner10146 earth pony206013 pony857096 biting3358 bleeding592 blood22599 cervical contact795 cervix1452 creampie27068 cum72495 cumming19380 doggy style7115 female1207543 femsub9307 fetish35461 flared2773 from behind11818 gore4101 gritted teeth10506 hatchet29 horsecock60862 imminent death2272 internal cumshot3211 male329576 maledom4187 mare427152 nudity334712 open mouth125379 orgasm10228 penetration50416 penis138196 sex108058 shivering1952 simple background349316 snuff765 stallion94435 straight122393 tail20933 tail bite592 tail pull2030 tongue out91873 vaginal34935 white background87320 wide eyes16098 x-ray6890


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Background Pony #D05D
I wasn't aware there was a non-grimdark edit which indicated that since we can't search the artist, that's why I added the tags.

Kind of the problem with these sorts of things.

Well that's another piece from this artist! I can't decipher what the signature say so i can't add the artist tag! Also — "AXE MURDER new body spray for stallions! It will make any mare drop dead!"
Background Pony #000C
Damn that good! How is she even still standing? xD Also i think non grimdark edit for those less found of it would be beneficial to the artist.

Damn I really wish someone would draw Dash or Celestia necro fuck; like them getting decapitated and as the flank hit the ground she is then dragged off to be fucked… Mmm…
Background Pony #D05D
This is pretty well done, do you have a source or artist?

Also, this reminds me that I need to add snuff to my filter. I definitley think most people would appreciate a non grim-dark version of this.