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I prefer Sunset and Sci-Twi’s "old" outfits much better, pretty please?
At least reuse said outfits sometime
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Neither of them are romantically interested in each other. None of the mane six, human or pony, are interested in each other. If it’s not shown directly, it’s not canon.
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Eternal Flame
I agree with this, but also with what others have been saying. AJ’s outfit should be that from "Five to Nine" (though with her hair loose, ideally). THEN we’ve got the perfect set.
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>Shipping tags in this pic

NO, this is NOT a shipping pic, but rather the OP WANTS to see Sci-Twi and Sunset Shimmer’s old outfits on the NEWER Equestria Girls Series [2018] with the other five remained with the new outfits from the newer series, looks like someone here misleaded this from thumbnail, good thing I’ve got rid all of that tags.
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Background Pony #B07A
This diagram seems about right. Sunset’s Friendship Games outfit and Sci-Twi’s post-Evergreen specials outfit were their best outfits, and I no idea why they went and changed them.

If I did want to change the equation in any way, Fluttershy could go on either side, mainly because I’m cool with both outfits, though her old outfit seems like it would make more sense for someone that is always handling animals. Her new outfit seems somewhat semi-formal and not something you’d think she’d wear daily. If I had designed a new outfit for her, I probably would have given her a top similar to her dress, but instead given her a pair of shorts and sandals, gone a little more bohemian/hippie in her look.
The other possible candidate for moving to the left side could be Rarity, but because I am NOT a fan of either of her outfits, though if i had to pick one I disliked less, it would be the first one. The new outfit seems to be… trying too hard, except for maybe the shoes. Honestly, if Rarity had gotten a new outfit, I had imagined her in something sort of like a expensive pantsuit, given her a more fabulous power look.

However, I for one think if there is one character they have nailed perfectly in my books every time, I think that character is Applejack. Both Applejack’s original outfit and her new one are possibly the best outfits of all of EqG myself, though I think I like her new outfit more. Applejack skirt best skirt. :3
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(Previously known as bangayo)

now that shoes size are nice, the only last thing that boring me with EQG is the size of their heads XD
I am not good at editing, is there a talented one here to shrink their heads at 75% of their actual sizes ?
I tried on paint, and I think it’s much better :)

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Darth Shy
@Gay Space Raptor
Fair play, I do also quite like Fluttershy’s new outfit the more I think about it
Though I find Rarity’s new outfit kinda try hard (a dress over a skirt just looks ugly IMO) and I think AJ in kinda supposed to look tacky since she’s a farmer. But I agree she’d look better in jeans, in fact I think all of them should
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Background Pony #217D
@Gay Space Raptor
AJ’s old outfit was just tacky, never liked it. This new one is slightly better I think, tho AJ should wear jeans.

I never liked the new applejack outfit, it looks just like the first one but with more details, it just follows the pattern of long cowboy boots and a huge skirt, and the worst part is the shirt, it does not fit at all, if like the designer has never seen a cowgirl in his entire life

just put some jeans on this one and we have the perfect outfit for applejack

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Gay Space Raptor
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Nice to see someone who agrees that’s Sunset’s best outfit.

@Darth Shy
I could get wanting to move Pinkie to the left side, her first outfit was pretty cute though I also like the new one as well. But I think Fluttershy and Rarity’s outfits are way better, they have more personality and charm and are more unique. Their old outfits were just a shirt and skirt with those oversized barbie boots. Perhaps it’s more casual which is the appeal but Rarity is the type to be extravagant and a nice dress suits Fluttershy. AJ’s old outfit was just tacky, never liked it. This new one is slightly better I think, tho AJ should wear jeans.
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