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Background Pony #2B15
Beethoven tiene razón! El no es para ti Twily, tu mereces alguien mejor, y por supuesto no Beethoven!
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Background Pony #5260
Maybe he's is a 19 teenager! That would explain why he is not so close with Twilight when other adults or the police is around. It also explains why he is so obnoxious in comparison to other male characters.
Background Pony #2185
@Darth Shy
Yes. By the way, do you really think that they would show an adult dating a teenager on a TV-Y/TV-Y7 show? Why they would even create something like this?
Background Pony #90BD
@Darth Shy
"Id assume he’s either a teen or maybe early 20’s, it’s unlikely he’d be any older than that". Why on earth would he be an adult? Just because he "works" at a camp that is a property of his own family? 'cause that is not weird. And now the other person thinks that they would change his age on the book 'cause it describes some events that are not canon on the animated movies or specials? EqG really messes up with many things but I do not think that they would simply change an EqG character age. If the character is mentioned in the book as a teenager, he is a teenager. We are talking about the same character, it is not like Sci-twi and Twilight Sparkle, the book is describing the same character who is shown in the movie.
Or maybe you think he is a teen 'cause he did not talk about his school? Some people get educated at home and he does not need to talk about it in the movie, it is not that important.
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nobody's favorite
It still comes across as annoying and kinda smarmy.

I honestly don't know what Twilight sees in this guy. I don't think I could date someone who put m and everyone I know in danger by covering for their crazy-ass sibling's reckless use of magic, and the whole thing in "Text Support" leaves me skeptical about their communication. I'm not saying ditch him, but the chemistry could use some work.

@Background Pony #F0F9
In the same book Sunset told Twi Flash’s feelings for her were real and encouraged a relationship with him,

I'm honestly kind of glad they didn't go down this road. Being given her Equestrian counterpart's hand-me-down boyfriend would have diminished Sci-Twi's individuality.
Background Pony #5260
I don't like him either especially when you look at his chin. I wish he never came back but I know that's not possible. Just look at him… green the color of EVIL!
Darth Shy

@Background Pony #F0F9
I understand
Id assume he’s either a teen or maybe early 20’s, it’s unlikely he’d be any older than that
The books are separate from the actual series, which I’d also say applies to the comics, so they don’t really effect what happens unless they get adapted or possibly a direct reference
In most of the cases of the books (especially the recently announced ones), I’m glad they aren’t canon and feel the writing staff can do much better
Background Pony #315D
@Darth Shy
That’s what makes it so confusing. In one book Twilight had a sleepover with some of the Shadowbolts and her new friends, but Rarity said in Dance Magic they hadn’t met since the games. In the same book Sunset told Twi Flash’s feelings for her were real and encouraged a relationship with him, then came Timber and ruined that. So just because the book calls Timber a teenager doesn’t really mean much to me anymore. For all I know he could be in his early 20s or something.