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Fixed colors (Juniper Montage) of >>1661278 (merged)  
Credit: MOSS
safe1972228 screencap263705 adagio dazzle14797 aria blaze11142 gaea everfree623 gloriosa daisy1930 juniper montage1569 sci-twi28864 sonata dusk15144 sunset shimmer72661 twilight sparkle333012 wallflower blush2628 siren2473 equestria girls233953 equestria girls (movie)8384 equestria girls series38670 forgotten friendship6223 friendship games13843 legend of everfree8574 mirror magic2771 rainbow rocks19211 spoiler:eqg specials5891 canterlot mall352 discussion in the comments769 equestria's monster girls77 geode of empathy3637 geode of fauna2332 geode of shielding2747 geode of sugar bombs2515 geode of super speed3005 geode of super strength2751 geode of telekinesis3474 juniper monstar150 magical geodes11130 midnight sparkle2820 one of these things is not like the others365 sunset satan1462 the dazzlings5062


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Background Pony #5BFB
The evolution of The Equestria Girls Trope of turning into a Giant She-Demon Kaiju.
Thank God this cliche finally died in 2018.
Background Pony #99BE
Wallflower Blush  
Motivation: Fucking stupid at best  
Punishment: None  
Popularity with fandom: Pretty much despised by all  
Best Moment: Singing Invisible  
Worst Moment: Yell “I hate you” at Sunset
Overall rating: I genuinely cannot think of a worse villain in FiM’s history
Ghost of Zeon

They where a form of magic called soul projection same thing Ravan dose in teen titans. So no only could the do that sonic wave but probably actually physically attack the girls if they had gotten closer. And given how they moved and acted in vary shark like way this kind of attack would have been how they went in for the kill. I mean with them teeth they ain’t herbivorous.  

To be fair, the Dazzlings never transformed into the Sirens, they just managed to gain enough negative energy to channel their full power through their human bodies and project their Siren forms.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Now I’m picturing them as an Legion of Doom.  
Sunset Satan: “Curse those Equestria Girls they foiled our plans again. Now we’ll never get the element crown of magic.”  
Wallflower Blush: “Here you go I just walked up and took it, No one seem to notice like always.”  
Everyone just blankly stares at Wallflower.  
Adagio: “…Who is that?”  
Sonata: “I think it’s the janitor.”  
Aria: “I’m pretty sure Juniper the janitor.”  
Juniper: “F yay K YOU ARIA!”
Duck - Likes to sockpuppet for drama
Duck - 1104243, just... 1104243
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

@Ghost of Zeon  
I asked for a screencap so I could get an accurate comparison, rather then an arbitrary one. Also, I’m not sure if those roots are part of her body. Also, gloriosa’s evil form was never failed that.
Ghost of Zeon

@Phantom Rider  
I actually liked the Giantess like villain look it made feel threatening and well wallflower was well she felt more throwaway villain of the week from sailor moon then actual danger she posed was.