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don’t bully spacex pony, being a rocket isn’t easy
safe1558994 artist:shinodage1108 oc596137 oc:merlin55 rocket pony33 animated91199 close-up5266 crash landing103 explosion1992 female882845 floppy ears46061 gif27508 glasses54065 goggles13116 mare406008 ptsd166 scared9145 spacex56 thousand yard stare624 wide eyes16049


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They have electronic brains, so it'd be easy for them to have backups at intervals, and after each death reboot to the most recent backup.
Still can't erase the PTSD
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See, this is why I think that inanimate object ponies that represent things that have a high possibility of going boom, or can be expended, or both, run on a sort of "One personality, multiple bodies" kind of situation, ie. SpaceX Rocket Pony (aka Merlin, based on what I've heard) has been, is, and will be every Falcon 9 core stage. She probably has a trio of bulkier siblings that represent the Falcon Heavy's core stage and boosters, and a younger sibling that represents the upper stage of the Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy.

EDIT: This would also explain why Merlin isn't just kind of depressing to think about, because otherwise she'd have a lot of siblings who crashed into the ocean, and a few that just went kaboom.