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Two comments: "Oh good yes I would love to date you.." should be taken as a net win.

My headcanon is a dragon becomes legal at the age when they get their wings.
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Background Pony #6BD0
Jim also said Spike is the same age as Twilight. Jim can’t math.

But yes, if Twilight was around 6-8 when she hatched him, and she is around 21-23 now, that makes Spike around 13, which is in the young adult range for ponies.
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@Background Pony #7D4D
There is harassment to consider. Legally – at least as far as US law is considered as a standard of comparison – any repeated unwanted contact with an individual may be considered harassment, and at the minimum: grounds for a restraining order.

No there’s not. He’s a kid with an obvious crush who likes to hang around with her, and she recognizes this and humors him, letting him help her around her boutique and during her gem-hunting trips.

Anything more than that is the fanbase, once again, desperately fishing for anything they can turn controversial to feed nonexistant drama. Don’t pretend its more than that.

Are we still discussing the picture or are we on something different?
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