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@Background Pony #D5D8
Based on the fact his lips are slightly above left of center in his image he would, assuming both images are centered on the page as one would expect them to be, be kissing slightly to the slightly above right of center on the other side.

Which is basically where sunset is.
There you go, now get that ship a sailin' already.
Background Pony #790B
I wonder who Bulk would actually be "kissing" when the book is closed. Wish I had any close with art programs, otherwise I could mirror one image and overlap it over the other. Sadly though I only know the techniques, not how to actually use them!
Background Pony #CEF5
@Background Pony #2BDF

Thank you! Surprising coming from me? Yes. I just said that to try and test how much common sense people in the comment section here on Derpibooru had considering I've heard lots of what I stated after this scene in the episode.
Background Pony #CBE2
@Background Pony #5E99
All it means is Dash is disinterested in Bulk and dislike the imagery of her kissing him. Nothing to indicate her sexuality one way or another. Just becuse she is not romantically into him does not mean that is the case for all guys. Infact aside from Twilight none of the girls show any interest in romance at all. As for Pinkie and Fluttershy their reactions seams more like amusement and embarrassment respectively.
Background Pony #CEF5
Pinkie seems to like it though and Fluttershy and Dash look like they're going to die from embarrassment. Does this prove Dash and Flutters are lesbian while Pink is straight?!

Shyabetes sufferer
Chill Rainbow, at least you're only kissing Bulk's arm based on your logic. Fluttershy, Rarity and Applejack on the other hand…