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safe1750251 artist:bobthedalek952 starlight glimmer49785 sunburst7007 trixie68732 pony1010334 unicorn342223 alternate hairstyle29073 cape10732 clothes475926 cup6494 eyes closed98041 female1401698 food72968 hat90323 inconvenient trixie328 kimono (clothing)1186 magic75376 male387956 mare502084 mouth hold18067 proud425 simple background409042 stallion115708 tea3126 tea ceremony6 teacup3001 teapot1045 that pony sure does love antiques12 that pony sure does love teacups299 transformation11322 trio9745 trixie's cape3931 trixie's hat4753 white background102472


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This is the moment when Sunburst made a breakthrough in magic theory and developed Maximized Fireball. The next day he went on to patent and trademark his new line of Great and Powerful Charcoal.