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Background Pony #D345
Heavy: Soldier!
Soldier: What?
Heavie: the bomb is Armed?
Soldier: No why?
Heavy: Oh so this why the bomb a not explose were the Pink pony jump on it for hour!
Soldier: WHAT Pink pony jump on the bomb?
Scout: Yeah,Look!
Soldier: and she still jumping all this time?
Scout: Yeah!
Spy: Oh mon dieu, good thing the bomb is armed!
Sniper: Yeah, we be all dead’s!
everyone see the Pink pony stop jumping and kick super hard the bomb and go in the red base and explose.
Scout: Thast not possible!
Sniper: What the bloody appen?
Spy: Oh Mon Dieu, a supernature thing again!
Pinkie: Yeah do you know what is call for?
everyone: WHAT?
Pinkie: A PARTY!
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