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safe1754354 edit136179 edited edit2621 edited screencap67419 screencap228282 princess celestia96886 princess luna100900 sunset shimmer64956 alicorn233497 pony1013967 equestria girls207739 equestria girls series35070 forgotten friendship5682 angry28156 caption22131 cloud32186 countdown295 crown18018 female1405096 geode of empathy3288 it's happening116 jewelry68682 meme83536 portal1939 princess2255 regalia21219 royal sisters4616 royalty1262 throne3243 throne room1148


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Background Pony #D26D
(yestadays text post)
Very soon will we stop counting days & switch over to counting hours instead, because tomorrow is the BIG! day for all of us dear Sunset-Shimmer fans!
Background Pony #3A38
Get ready to be wrong. XD
It’s partly about Celestia. By the hand of DHX, it’s destined to fail. Maybe Celestia is pissed at Twilight again.
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Looking For My Doctor
@Background Pony #2767  
@Background Pony #7372  
You two are fighting over an image whose only meaningful difference from the 6 other images exactly like it on the site is the size of the typeface and 1 number.
For my money, it would have been VERY nice if you’d just uploaded the same image with a decreasing number and merged each one day by day.
Or - preferably - opened a thread about it so all the discussion could be in one place.
We don’t need a dozen of these on the site - please stop fighting about it and please stop uploading new copies of it. If you want to talk with staff about it come to -help.