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17 comments posted
Background Pony #CCAE
I wish I had a nice, cute, adorable pet like Fluttershy who I could pamper all day and breed all night.
Background Pony #6C15
@Background Pony #8F4A
Didn't say they should. Just was explaining how I felt about them. Does seem odd people who hate Discoshy would like porn of them, though. Also never been fond of the whole "care so much about each other to the point of being more than friends but never take it beyond that because reasons" sorta thing.
Background Pony #0402
@Background Pony #32BB
There are also people who would absolutely hate exactly what you say you'd love and find the idea to be utterly revolting
For any given ship, there will be people who love it and people who hate it; neither group's desires should take precedence over the other's
Background Pony #6C15
@Background Pony #1C16
Not everyone will like every ship. For me Discoshy's the only ship I'd really love to see become canon. Both Flutters and Discord care a lot about each other and their differing personalities work off of and compliment each other well.
Background Pony #6C15
Influx of Discoshy as of late? Well maybe influx is being generous. Glad to see it either way!