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The Classical Way To Relax

Day 71, Research Project: Blue Tide

"I’m rather impressed by Splint’s and Steel’s conduct during our interactions with the Abaleze tribals. The ’priestess and her summoned demons’ play was quiet effective during an attack on their land, especially given my partners’ surprising speed and strength. Their ruthless, violent behavior supported the ’demon’ aspect rather nicely as well, though I did have to bloody my hands alongside them.

Not a total loss, however, we were able to get the information I wanted. A Lupan Ankh, held inside a tomb near their lands, just the thing I needed. The Ankh is now in cold storage and ready for experimentation, though I thought I’d take today to explore the Blue Tide project further. I commissioned a special set of clothing from Miss River Clear and Miss Brace for use in this project, though it’s taken quite some time for them to craft it. A corset, fur-collar coat, skirt, fishnet stockings, and a special pair of underwear designed to my specifications.

Now that I find myself lounging in it as a test, I find it’s far more comfortable than I could have hoped. Perhaps after Splint sees it, I should make a habit of wearing this? Then again, my work does involve corrosive materials and it would be a tragedy to ruin this outfit.

Note to self: commit some hours to experimenting with anti-corrosion for clothing, similar to fireproof labcoat."

Author’s Note:
And we’re back with more uploads! Still got a monstrous backlog to process through, so hopefully I can get that finished today and Splint can rest easy :L. Here we go, ladies n’ gents!


suggestive (99349)artist:splint (164)oc (450430)oc:doctor blue horizon (32)anthro (174930)beautiful (2596)breasts (169068)chaise (16)clothes (304907)coat (1721)corset (3103)couch (5003)female (615974)fishnets (3508)garters (1841)glasses (39304)gloves (11917)laying down (6044)looking at you (99763)panties (36690)skirt (27034)solo (779157)solo female (140682)stockings (22462)thigh highs (19006)thighs (2956)underwear (43542)


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