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grimdark (29850)grotesque (9556)artist:grimbloody (53)rarity (142038)twilight sparkle (234635)absorption (208)amalgamate (1)body horror (674)crying (31846)fusion (2714)i need healing (14)melting (477)merging (63)nightmare fuel (3014)simple background (245145)wat (15718)what has science done (1353)white background (59007)


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Okay I don’t get how "I need healing" tag is related to this image.

Clicks the image tag and sees the content

Sigh…seriously how do people make an unfunny meme more unfunny or not related to its original source?

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Background Pony #1DAF
"Imagine if you will, being encased inside a giant roasting marshmallow. Really imagine it. Do it."
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