Pony with super special extra care We changed episode spoiler tags to match official order (Yakity-Sax 18, Friendship U 16, etc.)
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safe (1187635)applejack (126035)dj pon-3 (24088)fluttershy (157819)lyra heartstrings (23076)pinkie pie (163551)princess celestia (72785)princess luna (77487)rainbow dash (176340)rarity (134097)sci-twi (13288)trixie (46212)twilight sparkle (221514)vinyl scratch (28177)equestria girls (122660)apple (10340)blind bag (1193)book (21139)chibi (8597)clothes (273561)cupcake (3398)cutie mark crew (49)doll (4559)food (35787)gem (2525)hat (45353)photo (59142)pie (2262)pony (464431)skirt (24409)toy (17022)trixie's hat (2388)

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