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Mio made a tiny non getting upsies from fluttershy! AAA MIO THANK YOU AGAIN <3


dead source (10866)safe (1222837)artist:miokomata (423)fluttershy (161344)oc (421236)oc:non toxic (120)baby (5831)baby pony (4487)beach (8609)cute (110307)cute little fangs (930)duo (26464)fangs (12563)female (544616)foal (9139)folded wings (1773)freckles (14144)heart (30467)lifting (327)looking at each other (8274)mare (235538)ocbetes (2029)original species (14392)pegasus (132151)pony (488098)shyabetes (6481)smiling (139604)tatzlbetes (36)tatzlpony (764)water (7942)

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