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An oldie pic I found in my files. Thought I’d upload it here for some fun. :)
safe (1429119)artist:duragan (121)bon bon (14648)lyra heartstrings (26099)sweetie drops (14637)adorafatty (248)bench (1847)bon blob (51)bon bon is not amused (935)bottom heavy (536)fat (17637)feeder bon bon (72)female (759890)fetish (29598)lesbian (81867)lyrabon (2799)lyra feedee (77)meme (73445)morbidly obese (5967)obese (8999)shipping (164455)sitting (46084)sitting lyra (491)squishy (1800)tail lift (424)unamused (11304)weight gain (3124)

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James A Williams
Friendship, Art, and Magic (6 Years) - Celebrated Derpibooru's six year anniversary with friends.

Lyra: Now who’s the fat ass?

Bon Bon: Oh, shush you! I can’t help myself, okay? Those sweets are so tasty.

Lyra: Pfft. Even I know when to stop every now and then.

Bon Bon: (groans)
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