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An oldie pic I found in my files. Thought I'd upload it here for some fun. :)
safe1585446 artist:duragan127 bon bon15712 lyra heartstrings28087 sweetie drops15712 adorafatty301 bench2191 bon blob56 bon bon is not amused1001 bottom heavy663 fat20100 feeder bon bon75 female907379 fetish35368 lard-ra heartstrings168 lesbian92418 lyra feedee80 lyrabon3116 meme78915 morbidly obese6898 obese10320 shipping185157 sitting55623 sitting lyra523 squishy2188 tail lift587 unamused13935 weight gain3661


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Lyra: Now who’s the fat ass?

Bon Bon: Oh, shush you! I can’t help myself, okay? Those sweets are so tasty.

Lyra: Pfft. Even I know when to stop every now and then.

Bon Bon: (groans)