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Twilight has created a glowing science strapon, coded an application to control it and collect data, staked out a spot in an unused study room in the CHS library, and invited her parallel universe pony princess self, all to show Moondancer a really good time. You can't say the girl's not thorough!
explicit338217 artist:shaxbert100 moondancer4712 rarity177385 sci-twi23306 sunset shimmer60872 twilight sparkle293882 alicorn214748 equestria girls193395 armpits42315 bdsm6365 blushing189249 book32409 breasts265051 clothed female nude female2742 clothes441591 computer5944 confused4560 counterparts866 duality4138 equestria girls-ified9233 exhibitionism8317 female1319575 females only11899 french kiss1771 glasses59164 group sex14681 happy bondage714 heart eyes15502 kissing23770 lab coat2114 laptop computer2201 lesbian93938 lip bite11156 nipples158310 nudity355823 ponytail16997 public sex3114 reverse cowgirl3748 science1209 scitwidancer7 sex115804 sex toy24556 shipping193745 stealth sex737 strapon2681 tardis1442 threesome9787 twidancer300 twilight sparkle (alicorn)120943 twilight's counterparts887 twitwi151 twitwidancer2 twolight1129 underwear58802 wingding eyes21102


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Background Pony #1B4A
She's more turned on looking at the readout than snogging going on in front of her. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

>glowing science strapon