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semi-grimdark (23492)artist:tjpones (2572)rarity (151659)female (709687)fire (8236)food (47731)food transformation (145)grayscale (30399)imminent vore (1768)inanimate tf (1076)marshmallow (964)monochrome (131479)open mouth (98853)panic (657)rarity is a marshmallow (320)screaming (2354)simple background (277206)s'mores (68)solo (846592)stick (489)this will end in tears and/or death (1839)transformation (7498)white background (68337)


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Funge-98 is Magic
Gotta let it catch fire and burn for a bit, giving it a nice, slightly carcinogenic, crispy exterior and a gooey, diabetes inducing interior! I could eat that stuff for days.

@Background Pony #75F3
One of Danfango700’s YTPs comes to mind. In searching for it, however, I have discovered they have deleted each and every single video on their channel, save one… Now I’m depressed.
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Background Pony #75F3
Those ol YT days are coming back to me.
Remember a video where marshmallows are alive and killed becoming smoores? Fun times
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